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“The Interpretation of a Zoning Ordinance”

By Dennis M. Galvin Published in Local Government Law Review, July, 2014. Zoning boards of adjustment are independent, quasi-judicial bodies.[i] Their jurisdiction springs from N.J.S.A. 40:55D-70. Almost everything a zoning board of adjustment does is judicial in nature. Among its quasi-judicial duties is N.J.S.A. 40:55D-70(b), which grants zoning boards of adjustment the power to "[h]ear and decide requests...
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“What To Do When Things Go Wrong”

By Dennis M. Galvin Published in New Jersey Municipalities, November, 2013 Every night, when we have a public meeting, we think about how best to conduct it. It is not possible to manage every aspect of a meeting. Some people feel that any attempt to manage a meeting undermines public participation. After all, public participation is the...
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“Sign of the Times”

By Dennis M. Galvin Published in The New Jersey Planner, September/October, 2013 Digital signs are becoming the rage. They come in many varieties. Some scroll a single color; some have multiple colors, but limited definition; and some of the newest are like beautiful, big screen TV's. The major concerns regarding this new technology have to do with...
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“Bringing Non-Conforming Uses Into Conformity”

By Dennis M. Galvin, Esq. Published in the New Jersey Planner, November/December 2012 A non-conforming use is a use that was lawful prior to an amendment of a zoning ordinance. A preexisting non-conforming use may continue indefinitely unless it is terminated, abandoned or substantially destroyed. Notwithstanding this entitlement to continued existence, non-conforming uses "are disfavored in that...
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“Honor Does Not Come in a Brown Paper Bag”

By Dennis M. Galvin, Esq. Published in New Jersey Municipalities, November 2011 Based upon my experience, the overwhelming majority of New Jersey's appointed and elected officials are in office for one reason and one reason only: to serve the public. The best officials among us are never compensated adequately for the time they invest in our communities....
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“It’s Time to Have X-Rated Vision”

By Dennis M. Galvin Published in Local Government Law Review, August, 2011 The Federal and State Courts have recently rendered some interesting and instructive cases in the area of “Adult Entertainment.”  This article will review these cases and suggest a procedure for managing adult entertainment uses in your community. In the unreported Federal case of MAG Realty, LLC,...
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