Blake Laurence

Tax Changes for All, Including New Jersey!

2017 certainly went out with some fireworks. President Trump signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (Act), which made significant changes for individuals and businesses. The changes cut income tax rates, doubles the standard deduction and eliminates personal exemptions. The corporate cuts are permanent. The individual changes expire at the end of 2025. The...
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Smoking Cessation Programs and Other Unusual Tax Deductions

10 Tax Items That Often Get Overlooked Blake R. Laurence, a partner in the firm’s Tax and Estate Planning department, uncovers some tax deductions you might not have considered before. The tax code is filled with various nuances that allow a taxpayer certain deductions. However, they are not well publicized and many people miss those deductions...
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Tax Changes Made in New Jersey: How Does It Affect You?

After much discussion and political deal-making, on October 14, 2016, Governor Chris Christie officially signed legislation implementing a new tax package to raise money for the Transportation Trust Fund to help repair New Jersey’s roads, bridges and various other infrastructure. Although the increase in gas tax is what caught the attention of most people, this...
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