Rebecca Carvalho

Bridgegate internal investigation procedure questioned by Federal Court

Judge Wigenton of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey granted a motion to quash a subpoena in the Bridgegate criminal case that sought the drafts and metadata of interview memoranda taken by Governor Christie’s attorneys, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP (“Gibson Dunn”).  Even though she granted the motion, the...
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Conflict of Interest: Two New and Critical Questions for Governing Body Members

If you are a municipal governing body or board member, you need to constantly assess potential conflicts of interest and whether you have a disqualifying interest that would prohibit you from considering a land use ordinance or application. Failure to do so could cause your municipality to be embroiled in litigation and can void the...
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Not All Documents Need To Be Open Before An Open Public Meeting

News for public board members (and their audiences): the Sunshine Law does not require public bodies to make all documents referenced in their agendas available to the public prior to a meeting. A recent published decision by the Appellate Division,Opderbeck v. Midland Park Board of Education, No. A-2520-13T3, reversed a decision by the trial court...
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