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Estate Planning Self Examination Checkup Chapter IV – Selecting Fiduciaries

In a will, one must appoint the people who are charged with carrying out the intentions of the testator.  The people you select should be dependable and understand their roles.  These people are called “fiduciaries.”  The fiduciaries include the executor, the trustee and a guardian. The executor is the person who carries out or executes the...
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Chapter III(a)– Reviewing the Dispositive Portions of the Will

We continue now with a review of specific areas of the will, including residuary clause provisions, unlimited marital deduction requirements, disclaimer trusts, testamentary trusts and special need trusts, if necessary. ------- The next portion of the will is generally the residuary clause where the rest of the estate is left to the ultimate or contingent beneficiaries.  If...
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Estate Planning Self Examination Checkup Chapter III: Reviewing the Dispositive Portions of the Will

In the last installment, we covered issues concerning when wills should be revised and the differences between treatment of probate and non-probate assets.  In this installment, we will begin by defining the persons in the will and then move on to a basic review of certain areas of the will. Let’s begin by defining the roles...
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Estate Planning Self Examination Checkup Chapter II: Where Do I Begin?

Each time we complete a client’s estate plan, we recommend that they revisit the plan annually at tax time to determine whether or not their financial position has changed from years prior. We also recommend the client review all of their estate planning documents at least once every three (3) years.  The key is determining whether...
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Don’t Be Lulled into a False Sense of Security by New Jersey Tax Reform Talk

The week of April 18, 2016 found the New Jersey Legislature in session trying to determine how to squeeze the residents of the State of New Jersey for more money through “tax reform.” Chief among those “reforms” was an increase in the gas tax to support the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund. A fund previously...
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Estate Planning Self Examination Checkup (Or, Only Grandparents Die in New Jersey)

Equity Shareholder and Chair of the Firm's Tax and Estate Planning Department, Robert F. Munoz begins an important series discussing many of the essential estate planning issues New Jersey residents face - including inheritance taxes, death taxes, property transfers and medical directives. 

Part I:  Help Me, I'm From New Jersey!

The purpose of this series is...
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