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Court-Free Divorce: How Collaborative Divorce Protects Families, Preserves Assets and Promotes a Peaceful Transition

Many people associate divorce with a fight-to-the-death courtroom battle where two people, who were once a couple, wage financial and emotional war on each other.  There is often little regard for the undeniable victims of that war: the parties’ children, their finances and their happiness.  When a judge decides the outcome of a litigated divorce,...
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What to Consider When Reconciling After Signing a Divorce Agreement

My husband and I just signed a divorce agreement. We want to reconcile. Will this affect our agreement?

About six months ago, my wife filed for divorce. We each hired attorneys and worked out a divorce settlement agreement. The process made us reflect on the years that we spent together and our children. We decided not...
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Why You Can’t Get Your Engagement Ring Back in New Jersey

Before I got married, I received my grandmother’s 3.5 carat diamond pendant.   It has significant monetary and sentimental value. As an expression of my love and deep commitment to the one who would become my wife, I had the diamond set in an engagement ring that both of us were very proud of. Five years...
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In Divorce and Child Support, Beware of Good Intentions

In April 2004, Paula and John were divorced after 13 years of marriage. Despite being divorced, Paula and John continued to live together for more than three years after the divorce. The divorce agreement directed John to pay alimony to Paula as well as child support for their three children and to contribute to their...
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Can My Spouse and I Use The Same Divorce Attorney?

We don’t want to argue about alimony, child support or equitable distribution. Both of us want to be fair. Can we use one attorney, to save money and expedite the divorce?
The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit an attorney from entering into the representation of one client that will be directly adverse to another client. Divorce...
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Do Cheating Spouses Have to Pay More in Alimony?

In the case of divorce, clients often ask me about fault. Does one person’s marital misconduct, like infidelity, make them responsible to pay more in alimony?
Take this question:
“My wife just learned of my adultery. The fact is, she can prove it. She has threatened that her lawyer will make me pay for it in the...
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Can My Ex Get Out of Child Support Because He Spent His Inheritance?

"I am divorced. My ex-husband just received a significant inheritance and invested it in a new home twice the size and expense of our former marital home. Nothing seems to be left for child support or the college expenses of our son. Can he get away with this?" No. While a parent’s income earned through employment...
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Will My Child Support End When My Child Goes To College?

Will my child support end when my child goes to college? No. Child support is a parent’s obligation until the child is emancipated. If your child attends college and you are contributing to the expenses, child support may be reduced. Unless your child attends a local college and continues to live at home with you or...
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