Planning for your special needs child in New Jersey

On April 27th, the Asbury Park Press and the Star Ledger both published articles reporting that New Jersey has the highest rate of autism in the country.  More and more New Jersey parents have the difficult task of marshaling resources and navigating the bureaucracy to get their child the services and support that they will need throughout their lifetime.

Our firm has hosted an educational seminar to provide information to caregivers and parents of special needs young adults focusing on steps that should be taken as they transition to adulthood:  guardianships, applying for Social Security/ Medicaid and creation of special needs trusts.  I have developed a transition timeline for the special needs young adult to ensure that they are protected.  It can be overwhelming to any parent or guardian especially if that child has siblings.

What happens to your adult disabled child when the parent(s) retires, becomes disabled or passes away? Is there a plan in place?  Are the child’s assets protected?  If you are the parent or caregiver of a special needs teen it is not too early to begin planning for their future.  Please feel free to contact Robert Munoz  or any one of our estate planning attorneys at 732-462-7170