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Nicole Sorokolit Croddick is Counsel at Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Lederman & Paone, P.A., where she focuses her practice on employment and labor matters. She consults companies on human resources issues and has conducted internal investigations on ethical and legal violations. With this breadth of experience, she has gained a deep understanding of the problems that exist in the modern workplace. Additionally, she has drafted employee handbooks, severance agreements, has updated hiring and employee discipline forms and procedures, and facilitated trainings on a variety of labor and employment law and compliance topics, including Continuing Legal Education. Nicole has also taken her experience and used it appropriately as a subject matter expert in numerous ethical/legal training videos for LRN Corporation, a leader in ethics and compliance training to major organizations worldwide.

Prior to joining the firm, she was a clerk for the Hon. Lawrence Lawson, a New Jersey Superior Court Assignment Judge. Thereafter, she worked as a juvenile prosecutor in New York City under the Giuliani administration, focusing on narcotics and gang intelligence matters.

Nicole is admitted to practice in New Jersey and in New York. She is a board member of RCDS’s Diversity and Inclusion Board. She received her J.D. from Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law and her B.A. from Boston College. She conducts all work in both English and Spanish.


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  • April 22, 2017 - DEMLP Employment Law Counsel Nicole S. Croddick will be among the speakers at Marino Legal Academy’s “Bridge the Gap CLE Compliance Day” program taking place at John Jay College, 524 West 59th St., in New York City on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  Nicole will be giving a morning presentation on “Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace.”  New York and New Jersey CLE credits will be offered; for full details on the day’s courses and registration, click here.
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    Bill Cosby’s Sentencing Speaks Volumes

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  • Workplace Investigations

    Workplace Investigations

    What are workplace investigations and what is their purpose? Workplace investigations are an organization’s procedure for determining whether it was more likely or not that a policy was violated. The standard is whether there is corroboration, by a preponderance of the evidence, that there was a violation of company policy. A workplace investigation can be conducted...

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  • The Dangers of Unconscious Bias

    The Dangers of Unconscious Bias

    On May 29th, 2018 coffee giant Starbucks will close 8,000 stores for the afternoon in order train about 175,000 employees on bias. This was the aftermath of a recent incident in Philadelphia in which 2 African American males were waiting for a friend in Starbucks. During that wait, they were not permitted to use the rest...

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  • Making Performance Reviews Beneficial

    Making Performance Reviews Beneficial

    I like to think of performance reviews or evaluations as an employee's "report card" at work. Performance reviews are important tools, that if executed properly, can be beneficial to the employee, their manager, the Human Resources (HR) department and of course, the organization as a whole. Performance reviews are generally written by the employee's direct manager,...

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  • Diversity & Inclusion at Work

    Diversity & Inclusion at Work

    Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws guide employers on the minimum legal standards that they must follow in the workplace. In 2017, culturally competent employers should want more than the legal minimum. They must aim to create, and to cultivate, a diverse and inclusive workplace. In 2017, it is not just a question of SHOULD we have a...

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  • Violence in the Workplace

    Violence in the Workplace

    Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year. Many more cases go unreported. The questions are: Is your company prepared for the worst? Is your reception area going to serve as an effective gatekeeper between your employees and the world? Research has identified factors that may increase the risk of...

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